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Dedicated solutions only

Do you have a seed of an idea that needs visualizing?
Need some help with optimizing your growing application to handle more clients?
Perhaps you want to expand your existing applications with new features?

Welcome to Splendid Chaps. A company who revels in gentlemanly conduct and propriety. Where business is done with a touch of the Dunkirk spirit: a wink of the eye, a nod of the head, a slap on the back and a shake of the hand.

Finishing with a “Jolly good show sport” as you bound out of the door with a spring in your step. It's this kind of good spirit, intuitiveness and camaraderie that enables our work and team to excel above the rest. We look out for one another and we cover each others backs when a storm is circling.

Not only that — we have the perfect developers to devise the perfect projects — from back-end Ruby code, through JavaScript front-end to mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms - we are the right team for the right job.

As a well-experienced and tight-knit group of professionals working together, we can proudly declare that no project is too big and no deadline too tight.

With no management overhead and little fuss, communication flows directly to your dedicated experts working full-time to create bespoke apps.

How can we help you?

Challenges are our bread and butter. Give us the impossible and we will deliver a fully-tested, reliable result. We love what we do, and we do it perfectly, tailored to your needs, even with tight schedules.

Transform an idea into a product

Are you an entrepreneur with an idea for a product?

Let us help you on all levels, from database design, through Ruby code all the way up to User Experience. Our developers will deliver a solution that is measured and cut to fit you.

Alter existing applications

Do you have an existing product which gets more and more popular? We can make it snappier, more user-friendly for clients and easier for your own developers to expand in the future.

We will take measurements and ensure your application fits like a glove to the needs of your users.

Extreme make-overs

Does your app need to catch up to the latest trends and technology?
Maybe it's time for a new version of Ruby on Rails?

You can trust us with redesigning and rebuilding your baby from the ground-up to be better, easier to use and faster than ever before.

Training and developer courses

Do you want to make your developers even better? Do you need assistance with choosing between MySQL or PostgreSQL? We can do that too!

Years of experience in training and nurturing developers are at your disposal. From teaching the basics of Ruby to helping set up your own cloud.

Open source

We love giving back to the community. That's why we contribute to a wide variety of projects (from Bootstrap to simple_form) and create our own.
We believe in open code and we want everyone to benefit from our ideas.

Public Activity

The most popular activity feed gem for Rails apps, featured in Railscasts.

Public Activity can record what happens in your application and gives you the ability to present those recorded activities to users - in a similar way to how GitHub does it.


Featured in Rubyweekly newsletter, Gush is a parallel workflow runner using only Redis as its message broker and Sidekiq for workers.

It relies on directed acyclic graphs to store and resolve dependencies.

Access Granted

Multi-role and whitelist based authorization gem for Rails. And it's lightweight!

Created as a modern replacement for CanCan, while at the same time fixing its major drawbacks and simplifying your code.

Look what we’ve already done


Delivered a completely redesigned backend architecture in pure Ruby responsible for collecting hundreds of millions of rows from over a dozen different APIs.

Along the way we created great open source projects, like Gush to run complex workflows in distributed environments.

All that to display the best hotels, tours and attractions for LonelyPlanet.com’s users.


Rebuilt a big and old legacy PHP application from scratch in Ruby on Rails to handle increasing load and be even faster and easier to user for the journalists.

We optimized performance using Redis as caching storage and improved loading times by offloading heavy tasks to Sidekiq background jobs.

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